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Cordelia has appeared on several local and national media programs including: The Oprah Winfrey Show, ESPN, National Public Radio-Breaking the Cycle, CBS Morning News, PBS--A 5-Part Prevention Series, and WCCO-Minnesota's PROJECT ABUSE a two week series which won a National Emmy Award. 


· Anderson, C. & Cooper, S. (chapter in press). Countering Harmful Social Trends: Actions to Prevent the Impact from Normalization of Sexual Harm and Child Sexual Exploitation.  In K. Kaufman (Ed.), Preventing Sexual Violence and Exploitation: A Sourcebook.  (2010)

· Talking About It: Prevention and Intervention of Sexual Violence in Schools, (booklet) produced MN Department of Health/MN Department of Children Families and Learning, 2002, /PUBRES.html

· The Touch Continuum: Part of a Risk-Reduction Curriculum SIECUS Report, Oct./Nov. 2000, Vol. 29, Number 1

· Beyond Good Touch, Bad Touch, The National Child Advocate, published by National Children’s Advocacy Center, Huntsville, Alabama, Vol. 3, No. 3, October, 2000.

· The Right to be Safe:  Preventing Teasing & Bullying in After School Programs, chapter in Gender Equity in Sports Guide for School-Age Programs, WFD Community Development, 2000

· You’re the One:  Promoting Peace and Preventing Violence, an interactive booklet for parent and teens, Department of Children Families and Learning, 1997.

· Talk and Listen:  Promoting Peace and Preventing Violence, an interactive booklet for parents and children, Department of Children, Families and Learning, 1996

· Purple Passion:  Daily Words of Erotica, 1996 (unpublished)

· The Sport in Me, 1996 MN Children’s Trust Fund, (interactive booklet for children and parent’s

· Child Protection in Youth Sports, co-author, 1996, National Alliance of Youth Sports

· Outside the Frames- Discussion Guide on Preventing Violence in the Workplace", 1994.


· "Menu of Ideas:  What Your Community Can Do” Written for MNCTF, 1993, updated 1994.

· "The Sport in Me", for children and parents, Written for MNCTF, 1995.

· "Breaking Barriers - Facing Females in Athletics", Written for the MN Amateur Sports Commission, 1993.

· "THEATER FOR A CHANGE", & "Project Trust” National Coalition Against Domestic Violence Newsletter, 1992.

· WONDERLAND Discussion Guide:  Healthy Sexuality, Illusion Theater, 1992.

· Child Sexual Abuse Prevention History - National Center for Child Abuse and Neglect, Paper with Dr. Jon Conte, 1991.

· AMAZING GRACE:  The Effects of HIV/AIDS Discussion Guide, Illusion Theater, 1989.

· NO EASY ANSWERS Discussion Guide (With Video), Illusion Theater, 1987.

· Interview with Cordelia Anderson", The Educator's Guide to Preventing Child Sexual Abuse, edited by Mary Nelson, Kay Clark, Santa Cruz, CA:  Network Publications, 1986.

· Building Blocks to Strengthening Families, Illusion Theater, 1986.

· How to Take the First Steps:  Starting Prevention Programs, Illusion Theater, 1984.

· NO EASY ANSWERS: Secondary Curriculum on Sexual Abuse Prevention, Illusion Theater, 1983.

· "Touch and Sexual Abuse:  How to Talk to Your Children," (pamphlet), Illusion Theater, 1981.

· TOUCH Continuum Study Cards, Illusion Theater, 1981.

· "Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Project," (K - 12 Curriculum),  Hennepin County Attorney's Office, 1978.


Cordelia Anderson has won several local and national awards including: 2006-Outstanding Professional Award from American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children; Hero Award from Jacob Wetterling Foundation, MN Commissioner's Award-Nat. Conf. on Child Abuse & Neglect, Non-Profit Excellence Award-Wilder Foundation; MN Education Association School Bell Award; Nat. Camp Fire "On Behalf of Youth"; Nat. Council on Family Relations "Distinguished Service to Families."


Pornography: The Musical: under development

Outside the Frames, with Pillsbury Neighborhood Services, 1994.

Sports Disorder Blues, with Jenni Lilledahl, 1994

Alphabet of Aids, co-author, with B. Morris, M. Robins, Illusion Theater, 1989.

Amazing Grace, co-author with B. Morris, M. Robins, Illusion Theater, 1988.

Family, co-author with B. Morris, M. Robins, Illusion Theater, 1986.

For Adults Only, co-author with B. Morris, M. Robins, Illusion Theater, 1984.

No Easy Answers, co-author, with B. Morris, M. Robins,  Illusion Theater, 1981.

Touch, co-author with B. Morris, M. Robins, Illusion Theater, 1979.


· Child Sexual Abuse Prevention for Parents (preventing sexual Abuse in the catholic Church, Vitus, 2003)

· Out of the Shadows, GoldPitt Productions, consultant, 2000.

· It's Not Okay To Bully, Hazelton, narrator and consultant, 1994.

· Child Protection in Boys Scouts, narrator and consultant, 1994

· NO EASY ANSWERS, narrator and consultant, WCCO - TV & Illusion Theater, 1987.

· I DON'T KISS; ANOTHER POINT OF VIEW, (PROSTITUTION), consultant and interviewer, GENESIS I, 1984.

· WHAT YOUR CHILDREN SHOULD KNOW, - a five part series,  WTTW-TV Chicago, panelist on the show about survivors of child sexual abuse, consultant to project, narrator in videotape of Illusion Theater's NO EASY ANSWERS., 1984.

· Values and Choices (sexual decision making series); (on & off screen consultant) 1984


· TOUCH, Illusion Theater and Media Ventures, 1983.


Just Beginnings Collaborative

MN Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MNCASA) - Advise & consult on prevention strategic planning, MN Summit (12/09), collaboration with MN Dept of Health SVP efforts, engage new sectors statewide in prevention; link with national efforts.

National Children’s Advocacy Centers National prevention adviser

National Coalition to Prevent Child Sexual Exploitation, Founder and Immediate Past President

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (Board, co-chair Prevention Committee)

Jacob Wetterling Resource Center: Facilitator Family Gathering


Sexual Health & Responsibility Program  (SHARP) to develop transformative responses to technology facilitated sexual behavior problems/crimes and strengthen strategic prevention  efforts between clinicians and prevention advocates

National Committee to for Missing & Exploited Children, Prevention Strategic Planning, Consultation to develop national coalition for prevention

Consultations with state offices, schools, restaurants, entertainment clubs, coffee shops, faith centers around employee conflicts, sexual behavior problems & boundary violations in the workplace.

Center for Disease Control, Injury & Violence Prevention Division – Consultant on safety in youth serving organizations, faculty at national regional sexual violence prevention conferences

Illinois Sexual Assault Coalition: Consult and Write-up 7 programs evaluation has shown as most effective

Restorative Justice/Circle Dialogue: lead consultant/trainer, Minneapolis Public Schools (2001-2003)

Sexual Violence Prevention, Pilot Project, St. Paul Schools (MN Dept. of Health/CDC Grant): lead consultant/trainer/program design (2001-2003)

Jacob Wetterling Foundation – Internet Safety Project (MN Dept. of Health/CDC Grant): Partner/consultant (2001-2003)

Board Member & Consultant:  National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (2000 – on going); Chair Prevention/Family Support Committee (2002-on-going); Consultant national child sexual exploitation media campaign.

Vitus – Sexual Abuse Prevention/Catholic Church, Video for Parents (on camera prevention expert  along with David Finkelhor and Barbara Bonner (2003)

MN Alternative Association of Schools, Lead trainer/ Restorative Justice, Circle Dialogues, (2002/2003)

Central High School and St. Paul Schools Consultant on Sexual Violence in the schools and managing trauma (after an in school rape) (2000-2002)

Make the Peace Statewide Mass Media Campaign:  Director of Community Outreach; Consultant for Lynch Jarvis Jones Ad & Marketing Firm, Producers of the Campaign with MN Department of Pubic Safety (1995-2001)

“Out of the Shadows” 2 part films about child molesters produced by You Have the Power and GoldPitt Productions;  on screen and off consultant (2000); Consultant on films under development related to promotion of sexual health with same producers

Pillsbury Neighborhood Theater; Advisory Board (2000-on going)

Stop It Now, MN; Advisory Board Member (2000- 2008)

Women Ventures, Intergenerational Advisory Committee (1999-2000)

Youth Protection Expert Panel, Boy Scouts of American, 1995-2006  On screen moderator for training video on child abuse, consultant on related educational materials

Ramsey County Public Health Nurses:  Consultant with staff regarding sexual abuse training for nurses doing home visits (2000 -)

Department Children Learning and Families Develop statewide guidelines for schools on violence prevention, restorative justice, and successful parent involvement in school; (1995/1996)               

National Alliance of Youth Sports, Youth Protection Summit, Host Summit, Present and Write Up Results, Consultant to develop Child Protection Program for youth Sports, Summer, 1995, 1996

Mpls. Public Schools - Touch Policy Study and Recommendations, Spring, 1995

League of Women Voter's- update '90 study on viol. prevention

Dept. of Public Safety – Consultant on the development of a statewide plan on violence prevention (1995)

Hazelton, expert consultation of videotape for children K-3 on bullying & and on screen moderator; consultant on other violence prevention initiatives (1994)

University of MN, to training student leaders on Sexual Harassment and Violence Prevention (1994, 1995)

Minneapolis Public Schools, Co-Chair Violence Prevention Committee (1993, 1994)

Institute for Child and Adolescent Sexual Health, Survey sexual health and sexual violence resources in MN and make recommendations. (1994)

Minnesota Amateur Sports Commission, design and educational campaign, "Barriers to Girls and Women in Sports", coordinate the mass media effort with WCCO-TV. (1993)

MN Children's Trust Fund, "Keeping Child Abuse Out of Child Sports", an educational campaign. (1993)

Faculty - Saint Mary's College, Graduate Program, Courses include:  Child Sexual Abuse and its Prevention, Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, Child Sexual Harassment (Under development).

Faculty - University of MN, Violence and its Prevention: Part I (Children), Part II, (Adolescents), Part III (Adults).

Co-Chair Policy Transition Committee on Youth, Education and Safety for Mayor Sayles Belton (1992/93)

Contact: Cordelia Anderson
Sensibilities Prevention Services
3118 West Lake Street # 431
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55416

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