Cordelia Anderson M.A.


Presenter Information

The following is a list of some information that presenters will find useful in presenting Cordelia in their community.

Bio & Resume Information:  For over 32 years, Cordelia’s worked to prevent harm & promote healthy development. Andersons work has always focused on prevention but has also included counseling sex offenders, survivors, women in prostitution & families of missing & murdered children.

Headshots:  Cordelia has a variety of head shot that can be copied and used off this is website for you promotional materials.

Fees: vary dependent upon the special needs of the sponsor and travel time.  They can be negotiated based on total budgets available;  the nature of the work needed and estimated time and expense; writing budget and travel time.

Consultations, Writing, Videos, Plays, Appearances & Awards


Contact: Cordelia Anderson
Sensibilities Prevention Services
4405 Garfield Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55419

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