Prevention Tools

The following is a list of some of the program resources we are currently working on and will provide you with some of the resources used in the workshops and services provided.

Countering Normalization of Sexual Harm and Cyberbullying

Normalization is defined as the process by which an idea, concept or behavior becomes an accepted part of societal culture. Once this occurs, it is considered “just the way it is” and becomes viewed as beneficial or preferential.  Sex used to sell things is nothing new, but the overwhelming magnitude of sex, or more accurately the “exploitive use of sex” to sell to younger and younger children is newer. There is growing concern about the variety of ways children are being treated as sexual objects and commodities.

Bullying causes harm to the victim, the doer and the bystanders who don’t know what to do and worry about being next. Advancements in technology allowed for the rapid growth of Cyberbullying. People bully and are bullied both on and off line and the worlds bleed into each other. The harm is amplified by technology. The use of technology to bully erases the geographic limits of the impact and the policies and laws that define it. Still it is a learned behavior – it can be ‘unlearned’ and prevented. Just because it’s the way it is, does not mean it’s the way it should be – it is not a joke nor a game and adult intervention and prevention policies are needed to shift the normal-lies.

Sexual Behavior Continuum

A tool to help adults or youth differentiate between healthy, appropriate, respectful and safe sexual behaviors from those that are harmful or illegal.  Whether it’s prevention skills, safety tips, or building protective factors; too often we toss out floatation devices - or give swimming lessons – to children, teens & adults who are trying to swim in a pool full of sexual (cyber & otherwise) toxic waste.

Promoting Sexual Health > Countering the Pornified Culture
Promoting healthy sexuality is challenging in a sexually toxic and pornified environment. The pornography industry has successfully sold the idea that porn is sex, and to be sexy is to be pornified, when the reality is pornography is robbing children, youth and adults of healthy sexuality. Pornography has become our main sex education while comprehensive sex education is censored.
Touch Continuum
In the mid 70’s when child sexual abuse was just beginning to be identified and child sexual abuse prevention efforts were in their infancy, the touch continuum was an early toolundefinedan attempt to ensure that the importance of promoting the healing and healthy powers of touch was not lost in the need to understand the exploitive uses of touch for sexual abuse.

SEAD & Circles
Stop Everything and Dialogue (
SEAD) - A way to engage the staff, a classroom or an entire school in a dialogue and action planning about a topic or challenging issue.  Circlesundefined Originating with tribes offer a way to build community and hold respectful dialogues for prevention and intervention with children, youth and adults.


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